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The Hayseeder's Jig and Other Entertainments

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Millinocket, February 1921-1926…some of what was taking place back then as found in news articles from that era! “Looking forward to the annual Hayseeder’s Jig.” The Hayseeders, 50 prominent citizens of the flourishing community, planned the event. There was “a platform resembling a cow shed strewn with straw, a cart and water trough.” The Chateau Orchestra played for a grand march, square dance and vocal selections. “The majority of our sick people and there are many, are recovering from the recent attacks of grippe and pneumonia. A letter received from a family member in Virginia reports the same health conditions in that Southern climate.” “Manager Clyde Folsom of the Millinocket band announces the first rehearsal in the Armory at 7:30. Quite a number of new men will join and with them the band is hoped to number over 30 members. Eldon Morgan will lead this year and with the new beautiful new band stand as an inspiration, it is expected that the season will be most successful.” “The proprietor of the Dream Theater will give a good-sized percentage from the picture to be shown on Tuesday of this week to the Baptist Church rebuild.” (Note: the Baptist Church had burned earlier and funds were being raised to rebuild.) “A very delightful box social by the Ladies’ Loyal Orange Lodge was held at James Rush Hall. Auctioneers were Fred Gates and Harry Carroll.” “The Laugh-a-Lot Club met this week for a literary and musical program.” “The 3 Links Club held the second in a series of old-fashioned dances at the Odd Fellow Hall.” “The Child Study Club met at the Brick School House. Mrs. G. W. MacKay had charge of the program.” Among new books available at the library “for Mah Jongg enthusiasts” is Snyder’s Ma Jung Manual. “It has been accepted as the official rule book of the game as played in America. Two copies are in the library and are in great demand.” “A Federal department collector will be at the Great Northern Hotel on Feb. 25-27 to assist anyone in filling out income tax returns.” These are just a sample of the articles in the scrapbooks. There were a very large number of social clubs at the time plus various groups from churches and organizations. There were small “clubs” formed by neighborhood groups or those with a common interest.

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