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The ABC's of Museum Donations, 2022

Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!

By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

The ABC’s of some of the 2022 donations to the museum…from the ordinary to the unusual!

A – Announcement 1927 SHS commencement

B – Badges (Girl Scout), Baxter State Park map, basketball schedule/score card (1953)

C – Carpenter’s apron (Levasseur’s Hardware), coin bank, check writing machine

D – Desk (student) Oxford St. School, DVD (Millinocket Memories)

E – Elevation plans (Administration Bldg.)

F – Football team photo (1931), framed photo (Myshrall plane), form for shoe maker

G – GNP model, glasses (3D movie), grafanola (early 1900’s phonograph), GNP stamp

H – Horseshoe from logging operation, Millinocket General Hospital receipt (1950’s)

I –

J – Jewelry (Katahdin Rangers charm bracelet)

K – Katahdin relief model, Katahdin Times newspapers

L – Legion caps & pins (WWI & Korean eras)

M – Map 1904 epidemic case locations, meal ticket (GNP overtime), military medals

N – Newspaper clippings (local), name badge (GNP doctor)

O – Original Oxford Street School blueprints (1907 &1919), OS Gonya delivery receipt

P – Poster (Elem. concert new SHS auditorium, 1976), Millinocket Players photos

Q –

R – Root ball clubs (inscribed Norcross, 1908 &1909), Rip Dam School plaque

S – Sno-Land Dairy milk crates, sign Black Clawson (from #11), Silvertone phonograph

T – Telephone (GNP, Millinocket Lake dam), Tru-Vu (early Viewmaster)

U – Ukelin (1920’s combo ukulele/violin)

V – VFW Cootie uniform, Vesuvio Restaurant business card

W – West of Chesuncook (Bill Geller book), Winterfest program

X –

Y – Young (Dr. Young receipt)

Z -

And lots of photographs, paper items (ephemera) including programs, tickets, invitations, news articles (that people tend to throw away) and much more!! Old scrapbooks contain valuable information and are useful in answering general queries and genealogical questions. We also like signs, tools, household gadgets, GNP artifacts, sports, schools, business items and more! Remember the historical society when you are cleaning out the attic, closet, cellar, or garage. Check with us before you toss!

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