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ABC Donations of 2021

Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!

By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Society Museum

The ABC’s of some of the 2021 donations to the museum…from the ordinary to the unusual!

A – Autograph album SHS, Millinocket Players photos

B – Bowling tournament programs, pink plastic coin bank (Millinocket Trust Co.)

C – Chair (from beaver chewed sticks), old cameras, men’s disposable shirt collars

D – Dance recital photos, photos of dams, Junior Prom 1935 dance card

E – Eyeglass case from Dr. Shippee’s office, Emerson Pills scorer’s book (1940-41)

F – Fire tower model, Fuller Furniture coupon books

G – Genealogy books, Girl Scout Camp Natarswi history

H – Heebner Drugstore medicine bottle, hats (Red Hatters)

I - Inspection certificate Norcross steamboat, insurance policy holder with two pockets

J – Jackets (Katahdin Rangers), jack knife with piece of rock from Vietnam Memorial

K – Knights of Pythias panoramic photo, Knights of Columbus plumed hat & red cape

L – Letters (WWII, Cyr), lamp (goose-neck floor lamp, GNP 1st Aid Room)

M – Medical instrument cabinet (early GNP 1st Aid Room), military photos

N - Norcross boat photos (transported sports to camps), newspapers & news articles

O – Ox shoe (1/2), Katahdin Outing Club photos (one shows toboggan slide)

P – Pool hall token (Hikel’s), perpetual calendar

Q -

R – Roll of paper (section from #11 last roll made, 2008), railroad award coin

S – SHS megaphone, scrapbooks (B & A RR, Red Hatters)

T – Toaster (slices slide down rather than pop-up)

U – Uniform (majorette), Millinocket police uniform

V – Vietnam War medals, voltmeter

W – Wood pieces (original SHS gym floor), Bentwood chair


Y - Yearbooks


…and much more!! Stop in for a visit!!

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