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Museum Store P 1 -  Books and Publications

How to Order

You can place an order by emailing us at, calling us at (207)723-5477,  or by sending a Facebook message. We now accept Paypal and credit cards.

All items may be mailed - add $6 shipping and handling for each item. Let us know if you would like expedited shipping to arrive by Christmas. We'll do our best to accommodate late orders.

The museum store is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from 12 to 3 PM.

What's new in the Museum Store?
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The Way We Were: Scott Brook Operation 1956 - 1982


by R. E. Blodgett

This book is a history of the logging operations at Scott Brook and the history of the men who worked there. It's getting great reviews! Everyone will be reading this come winter!  

2023 Calendar 
Millinocket Through the Decades



This year Millinocket is 120 years old, so we have one decade per month for the whole year.    

Proceeds benefit the Millinocket Historical Society.

september 1923.jpg
The Northern Magazine, digitized

$50   The complete set, a decade of interesting reading


From 1921 to 1928 the Spruce Wood Department of Great Northern Paper Company published a monthly magazine full of news and stories about the company designed to connect the laborers and the executives. Every issue is a gem that makes for wonderful reading or research.  All issues are included, 

a little taste of history.jpg
A Taste of History - Cookbook



A tribute to all the ladies of Millinocket's past, this book is filled with recipes you'll love from today and from decades ago. Includes photos of the lovely cooks that once graced Millinocket's kitchens.



Millinocket - Magic City of Maine's Wilderness

By Dorothy Bowler Laverty

First published in 1973, this is the only history of Millinocket written to date. It covers the time period from early settlers and GNP's arrival to the 1970s. A Millinocket must-have.

So You Live in Millinocket

$10.00 softcover
$15.00 hardcover
By Dorothy Bowler Laverty

Do you live in Millinocket? If so, your house is unique. Find out why.  Learn about the architectural styles through the decades, the streets and neighborhoods, and the people who built our homes.  We recommended for new Millinocket homeowners.

Millinocket Schoolhouses - A Look Back in Time

$20                            A NEW BEST SELLER!

Trudy Wyman and Leola Fongemie Dubois

Written and published by the historical society, this book is a fascinating history of each of the school buildings in Millinocket. If you grew up here, you'll enjoy lots of pictures of classrooms, the schools, and great student photos through the years!

Millinocket, Images of America


by David Duplisea

Featuring photos from the Historial Society collections.

Stearns and St. Martin's Yearbooks




Stearns High School and St. Martin of Tours 

These are used, of course. Some have no writing at all because they were the parent's copy, some have autographs on every page! We use these all the time to identify photos and they are a blast to look through. They also make great gifts.  

Also In the Museum Store

  • Matted photos, various prices - GNP mill, Little Italy, river drives, Mt. Katahdin, and more.

  • DVDs, Little Italy Part 2 & Spirits of Katahdin, $10 each

  • Tanglefoot” and “The Nighthawk” (Edwards) $15.00 (local fiction)

  •  No Time for Moss (McKeen) $15.00

We gratefully accept donations of used books by local authors, and books about Millinocket and the surrounding area.

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