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Museum Store P3  -  Rare Books & Small Publications

How to Order

You can place an order by emailing us at, calling us at (207)723-5477,  or by sending a Facebook message. We now accept Paypal and credit cards.

All items may be mailed - add $6 shipping and handling for each item. Let us know if you would like expedited shipping to arrive by Christmas. We'll do our best to accommodate late orders.

The museum store is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from 12 to 3 PM.

Thoreau's West Branch Guides

$30 - Sorry, this is not currently available

By Marion Whitney Smith

The classic Thoreau adventure and the Native American guides that accompanied him on the West Branch. Gently used pre-owned out-of-print copies. Currently unavailable.

Thoreau's Moosehead and Chesuncook Guides - Attean and Polis


By Marion Whitney Smith

Thoreau went to Greenville via stagecoach along with  two Native American guides, Attean and Polis.

Rare Signed Copy - Katahdin Fantasies


By Marion Whitney Smith


Signed collectible book by local author about Abenaki legends of Mt. Katahdin. Many black and white photos.

Algonquian and Abenaki Indian: Myths and Legends



By Marion Whitney Smith


A reproduction of this rare book.  

Christmas is Always "In the Shadow of Katahdin"


Poetry and essays by Clara Gordon Bartlett

Rare book: one copy available
Nesowadnehunk Wilderness and Me

By Arthur H. Pratt


Arthur Pratt worked at Gate Two, or the Nesowadnehunk Gate, into Baxter State Park, Maine’s most well-known state-owned public land. These are his stories of people, bears, woodchucks, and moose, as well as his poems of swallows, ravens, beavers, and the northern lights. Amongst

many other topics, he examines life in this remote outpost of Maine’s woods, and writes of it all in an enjoyable, albeit brief, book.

Rare Book - This Day

By Doris Reed Fleming

Hard cover. Autobiography/Personal narrative of Lincoln, Maine resident. 

Rare Book - The Warden's Tale


By J. Fred Tingley

Local book about a church's warden. 

Rare Book - Timber!: The Fall of Maine's Paper Giants


by Paul McCann

The end of the paper industry is chronicled in this book by a local author. Unread copies, some have minor damage. 

Rare Book - Voices from the Past: Bangor First Hundred Years


1978 printing. This book is a reproduction of an 1870 book  "The Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Bangor - September 30, 1869" 

Commemorative Publication - Millinocket, Maine 1901-2001


100th-anniversary publication. Great photos and history of Millinocket.

Commemorative Publication - 50th Anniversary Millinocket, Maine


Lovely old booklet commemorating our 50th-anniversary celebration. This one is special and would make a great gift.  It contains the remarks by George Stearns from the 25th anniversary - just one of the highlights of this commemorative booklet of the first 50 years of our town.

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